Holy Hip Hop has produced some of the greatest talent in  the game lately. One can guess this is a direct response to the up-rise of abrasive, insulting women hating lyrics of current popular tracks from rappers  like Lil Wayne, and Drake.

Originally named Tru Saints they needed to rethink their direction. The groups members Souljah, Monolog, and Malachi understand  life in the streets, gang violence,redemption and turning one’s life around in personal terms.  All members experienced living  dangerous lives and want to let the world know “you can change and turn it around.”

After much prayer and studying of the scripture, the group changed their names from Tru Saints to “Gideonz Army,” to reflect their identity as members of God’s chosen few. Their mission is to take the gospel in the form of hip-hop/ popular music and spread it throughout the world.

This week  Gideonz Army has released their new music video for you to watch.

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