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Have you ever felt like the world is too noisy? The sound of your phone and cars  become overwhelming to your ears.  You find the light is too bright.  There are too  many people are calling your name or texting you? If you have felt that feeling that is that internal voice inside of you asking to  for quiet time. We all need a break from the everyday demands of our lives.

Those demands that text our body soul and mind in every facet of our lives. It is then that we must learn the practice of just being silent.  It is those moments that our very basic need to take timeout that we learn the most about ourselves.

Q is for Quiet. May you find peace in stillness and calm the restless reverberation of your ears. Be quiet and find the beating of your heart. Be still and remember your divine mother. Lay and replenish. Restore the energy that you exude. Forget not that the answers reside in the quiet air. Only the wise take the time to listen. Quiet yourself…. Quiet your heart…. Quiet your emotions…. Quiet your soul. Be still as you once were in your earthly mother. Receive the energy of divine sustenance through the universal umbilical cord. Rest…. For action is most appreciated after the calm.” —Anita Kopacz, Finding Your Way

Be still.

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