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Kirk Franklin is an amazingly deep man. There are people that you meet and that testify in your lives where you can feel the honesty just beaming from the, Kirk Franklin is one of those men. He walks the walk and talks the talk.

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Yes, there have been people who you can say that of. You may even say that is just their public persona and behind the scenes they are the worst human being you have ever known. Kirk is not that person.  He took time out of his day to sit and talk with me. It was not  just a conversation about the album, but a conversation about the state of the world.  It was a mature dissection  of what we all have been thinking but not saying. It was a discussion that was filled with food for thought.  He spoke about the  direction our African American families are headed. He touched on the tabloid thirsty consumption of the public’s viewing habits. He poised a question. “Have we taken our eyes off the prize?”

Take a moment, watch the footage, buy the album, and embrace the fact that we all must one day say, “Hello Fear, I am hear to conquer you.”

Mr. Franklin lays downs a clear challenge for us to do something.  Be better. Get it togethet. As we watch the burn out of a  Chris Brown in public. Think about what he is talking about as we cheer on the “Basketball Wives”.

Most of all meet the challenge and begin the fight.

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