We all have seen or know people that stand out from the rest of the crowd. They have an air about them. They look like they have it all together. They wear the nicest clothes. They have the biggest and best homes and the most expensive cars. Their kids go to the most private, exclusive schools. On the outside they seem to have it all.

If you look close enough, however, you can see that things aren’t as perfect as they seem. Behind the mask of “everything’s good,” they are suffering. They’ve tried to make their lives work, but something has happened to shatter their dreams. Under the cover, they are broken.

Just like Peter (Mark 14), they have had their lives completely wrecked by the decisions they’ve made. They have become victims of circumstance or even happenstance. They’ve been told—by family, friends and society—that it is too late. They’ve been pushed aside and kicked to the curb. There is no chance for them, no hope at all.

Even with all the bad decisions and choices, all the mis-steps and set-backs, there is a way to make things right. There is a way to put the pieces back together again.

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