Black “marriage activists” gathered in cities around America on Sunday, March 27, to celebrate the ninth annual “Black Marriage Day.”

Sponsored by the Wedded Bliss Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting “teens, couples and singles create healthy relationships and healthy marriages,” Black Marriage Day, as you can probably guess, has the goal of promoting marriage amongst the African-American community, which has for years struggled with single-parent households (specifically, single-mother households).

According to the latest Pew Research Center data, nearly three quarters of black women giving birth in 2008 were unwed, more than any other ethnic group and nearly double what the number was just a few decades ago.

Children raised in single-mother homes struggle to find male role models in their lives. They’re also more likely to suffer from mental and emotional problems than their counterparts raised in two-parent homes. The result is that children raised by single mothers go on to struggle in school, commit more crime, and go to prison more often.

While a slew of other factors contribute to the African-American community’s troubles, it’s still not very hard to see that children are better off when brought up with two parents.

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