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Bishop T.D. Jakes communicated a poignant message on Friday, warning pastors and leaders about betrayal

Hoping to help those attending the 2011 Pastors and Leadership Conference in Orlando not make the same mistakes he did, the influential Texas pastor and entrepreneur cautioned that there is likely a Judas in their church or business.

“Every major ministry that has collapsed, collapsed from somebody on the inside,” Jakes told the conference crowd of thousands. “Your enemy is never on the outside. Your enemy is on the inside.”

In line with the conference theme “What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!” Jakes vehemently urged leaders to choose their teams wisely.

Even one Judas could destroy the entire ministry, he warned.

And he’s been there.

“I’ve been lied on, I’ve been hurt, I’ve been betrayed, I’ve been rejected, I’ve been ostracized, I’ve been alienated … things got so bad I thought somebody put a spell on me,” he said.

Yet he’s not the only one. People are constantly being betrayed, he noted. People are taking money, contracts are not being honored, churches are splitting, and marriages are failing.

“You can preach your head off … but if you have people in the ranks who are working against you, undermining what you’re trying to do, it won’t help you to get the breakthrough you need,” The Potter’s House pastor said. “If you have a corruptive, corrosive environment that you’re working in, you will never be able to do what God is calling you to do.”

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