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It is always a good idea to positively uplift and provide encouraging words to the person you are courting/dating, especially when it comes to their goals and dreams. Make it a priority to pray for them and let them know that you are rooting for them. You may not realize just how much it means […]

A good way to resolve conflict while courting/dating is to try to see things from a new perspective. You and your significant other may not always see eye to eye. Do your best to hear them out and see things from their viewpoint. Most times when you can put yourself in their shoes and ask […]

Enjoy every level of courting/dating with your significant other. Why do we always try to rush the process to reach the result? When building a house; you have to build brick by brick, layer by layer. If you rush the building of house, you won’t trust that the foundation is strong enough to last through […]

Are you the person that looks for signs from the Lord to give you confirmation that you’ve met the “ONE?” Are you on your knee’s praying to God saying, “If we’re wearing the same color clothes today at church, I’ll take this as a sign that he/she is the ONE.” STOP IT! Stop looking for […]

Today begins the start of a new year, maybe in 2015; you failed to date the way the Lord God intended. Maybe you haven’t been on any dates at all or maybe this past year was not your season for dating but instead, it was your season for healing. Be careful to remember this, “man’s […]

During the dating period it is very important to find ways to express your love for one another that will be healthy both spiritually and emotionally for your relationship. Being intimate with each other doesn’t mean  participating in sexual relations. Prayer is intimate; having heartfelt conversation is intimate, studying God’s word together is intimate and simply […]

The amount of devotion, dedication and hard work that it takes to submit to Jesus Christ and follow his will is the same amount devotion, dedication and hard work that it will take to make a relationship or marriage work. It is the continuous exercise of denying oneself and following the Lord. It is in […]

Have you  noticed that when you’re striving to live right and stay on the straight and narrow path, the enemy throws distractions your way? How many times have we met a person who we thought was the, “ONE” and later GOD showed us they were not what we needed? This person may look good on paper […]

There is term now a days called “Sneak dissing.” Sneak dissing,  is when people on social media platforms diss another person by posting a subliminal message about them on their personal page without actually revealing who they may be speaking about. By doing this, the person relieves themselves of responsibility or  being accused of attacking […]

Have you ever said to yourself, he’s too nice or too kind or too emotional? Shame on you! Ladies, we have to get out of the mindset that he’s not a real man because he has emotions. Why would you want to settle for a man that lacks the characteristics of the fruits of the […]

It is wise to pray while courting or dating. By doing this, you have made a conscious decision to involve God in the dating process. You want to ensure that God is the foundation of your relationship. When you ask for God’s help, you must listen.Don’t ignore the Holy Spirit prompting you to move on! As […]

Are you starting to become discouraged with dating? Does it seem like you keep meeting people that don’t measure up to God’s standard for your life? God says do not be dismayed. Continue to be encouraged and wait on the Lord. I know that sounds redundant but it’s critical to show God that you have […]