via foodnetwork: With summer right around the corner, there’s never a better time to brush up on grilling safety. Yes, you may be the master of your grill; however, you can never be too careful. 1. Gas grilling should be done outside the home at least 10 feet away from the house. 2. Check all connections for […]

    INGREDIENTS 12 jumbo shrimp (6-8 per pound), peeled and deveined, tails left on (see Ingredient Note) 2 tablespoons lemon juice, divided 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 1 medium bulb fennel, cored and finely chopped 5 scallions, thinly sliced 1 small chile pepper, such as jalapeño or serrano, seeded and minced […]

  Ingredients: 8 oranges 1 bunch broccolini, trimmed 4 6-ounce wild salmon fillets olive oil salt and freshly ground black pepper Directions: Cut off the top and bottom of 2 oranges. Using a small, sharp knife, cut away the peel and white pith from the oranges, following the curve of the oranges from top to […]

INGREDIENTS 4 salmon filets (1 lb.) 1 cup fat-free milk 1/2 cup (1/2 of 8-oz. tub) PHILADELPHIA 1/3 Less Fat than Cream Cheese 2 cups chopped cucumbers 2 tbsp. chopped fresh dill 2 cups hot cooked long-grain white rice DIRECTIONS HEAT large skillet sprayed with cooking spray on medium-high heat. Add fish; cook 5 min. on each […]

  INGREDIENTS 1 tablespoon olive vegetable oil 2 cup broccoli florets 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 2 small cloves garlic , minced 1 can (10 3/4 ounces) Campbell’s® Condensed Cream of Broccoli Soup (Regular or 98% Fat Free) 1/2 cup water 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1/9 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 pound fresh or thawed frozen medium […]

  You can really taste the garlic and Parmesan cheese flavors in this creamy, quick-cooking pasta dish because the sauce is made with chicken stock instead of cream. Ingredients 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1 clove garlic , minced 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 3/4 cup Swanson® Chicken Broth (Regular, Natural […]

This is a really quick and easy recipe that the entire family will enjoy: Spaghettini with Bacon and Basil Ingredients: 12 ounces spaghettini 1/4 cup olive oil 6 garlic cloves, chopped 4 ounces bacon, chopped 1/4 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper 1 1/2 pounds cherry tomatoes 3 tablespoons shredded basil 1 1/4 cups grated Parmesan […]

INGREDIENTS 1 ¾ cup Swanson® Vegetable Broth(Regular or Certified Organic)1 Tbsp chili powder½ tsp dried thyme leaves, crushed⅛ tsp ground black pepper2 small zucchini, coarsely chopped (about 2 1/2 cups)1 can (about 14.5 ounces) whole peeled tomatoes, cut up2 medium carrot, chopped (about 2/3 cup)1 can (about 15 ounces) black beans, rinsed and drained1 can (about […]

INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup instant brown rice 2 teaspoon sesame oil 1 pound 93%-lean ground turkey 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger 1 large red bell pepper, finely diced 1 8-ounce can water chestnuts, rinsed and chopped 1/2 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth 2 tablespoon hoisin sauce (see Note) 1 teaspoon five-spice powder (see Note) […]

Ingredients 1 cup ricotta cheese 1 can (about 4 ounces) mushroom stems and pieces, drained ½ cup refrigerated pesto sauce 8 lasagna noodle, cooked and drained 2 cup Prego® Traditional Italian Sauce or Tomato, Basil & Garlic Italian Sauce ¾ cup Pace® Picante Sauce 4 oz shredded mozzarella cheese (about 1 cup) Directions Stir the […]

    INGREDIENTS 1 1/4 pounds wild salmon fillet (see Tip), skinned and cut into 4 portions 1/4 teaspoon plus a pinch of salt, divided 2 teaspoons canola oil 1/4 cup lemon juice 4 teaspoons unsalted butter, cut into small pieces 1 teaspoon green peppercorns in vinegar, rinsed and crushed DIRECTIONS 1. Sprinkle salmon pieces […]

INGREDIENTS 1 brisket, about 3 1/2 poundsCoarse salt and freshly ground pepper1 bunch carrots (about 7), peeled and cut on the bias into 2-inch pieces1 onion, peeled and cut lengthwise into 8 wedges¾ cup dried figs, preferably Mission or Turkish (about 9 ounces), halved lengthwise½ cup dried apricots, preferably Turkish (about 3 ounces)5 sprigs thyme2 […]