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Dosso Beauty models wearing protective styles

Source: Dosso Beauty / Dosso Beauty

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, and it’s time to start wearing less and going out more — word to Drake. That said, silk press season has served us well, and it’s time to usher in protective style season. After all, tucking your strands away combats the heat and humidity that affects your hair’s health. However, to get your warm weather ‘do in proper formation, relying on Black-owned braiding hair companies is an absolute must.

It’s no secret that the hair world — well, the beauty industry in general — was dominated mainly by our white and Asian counterparts. However, the industry has done a 180, with many Black-owned brands supplying the masses. While these brands have a strong hold on the haircare sector, many are spreading their wings to take over the braiding hair and extensions world. 

The biggest grievance protective style mavens have with synthetic braiding extensions is itching and discomfort. Despite prepping your natural tresses with a thorough and nourishing wash day routine, irritation becomes a factor post-install. Unfortunately, the culprit for the discomfort comes from braiding hair extensions itself.

“A lot of chemicals are used to give plastic synthetic hair the same shine, smoothness, and style as human hair extensions,” Ciara Imani May, founder of Rebundle, told InStyle. These ingredients can easily cause a negative reaction on your scalp.” 

Although most folks wash their braiding hair with apple cider vinegar to remove impurities before an install, sometimes time is not on your side. So, it’s crucial to opt for braiding extension options that are hypoallergenic and itch-free. And, of course, there are many Black-owned braiding hair companies to choose from. After all, no one understands our wants and needs like we do.

If you’re ready to give your mane TLC during the protective style installation process and beyond, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled five Black-owned braiding hair companies — from synthetic to plant-based — to make your protective style experience an enjoyable one. Happy shopping!

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1. Dosso Beauty

Source:Courtesy of Dosso Beauty

Kicking off our list of Black-owned braiding hair companies is Dosso Beauty. The brand, owned by Kadija Dosso, is known for its Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair. Unlike other options on the market, the hair is pre-stretched and pre-layered and boasts a soft and lightweight feel. Since the braiding hair is itch-free, hair mavens can forego a pre-wash before styling. Not to mention, the braiding hair comes in 14 shades and is available for purchase in single and 3-pack options. 

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2. SLAYYY Hair

Source:Courtesy of SLAYYY Hair

It’s time to get acquainted with Slayyy Hair. Known as the brainchild of Diann Valentine, Slayy Hair was founded after Valentine experienced increased irritation from her braid styles throughout the years. The brand’s sole mission is to provide fellow Black women solace via a luxury synthetic hair brand that offers non-toxic and itch-free hair. Hair mavens can shop a slew of braiding hair colors, ranging from cocoa (brunette brown) to champagne (blonde).

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Source:Courtesy of REBUNDLE

For folks willing to step outside the box in the braiding hair world, consider giving Rebundle a try. Founded by Ciara Imani May, Rebundle is a plant-based hair extension brand made from naturally extracted banana fibers that emulate hair’s natural texture. The product is lightweight, gentle on the scalp, and can be reused up to three times. Remember, plant-based braiding hair is more pricey than other braiding hair options. However, some hair mavens have no qualms about spending an extra coin to guarantee lasting comfort.  

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4. Nourie Hair

Source:Courtesy of Nourie Hair

Another plant-based brand that protective style mavens like myself enjoy is Nourie. Thanks to its renewable fiber materials, the brand emulates the look of natural hair and takes scalp care to the next level. Nourie’s braiding hair features a blend of nutrients that nourishes the scalp to help keep hair and scalp health in check. 

“The reality is that we have been getting braids installed for a long time, wishing it was great for our hair and scalp, but deep down, knowing that it’s not as great as we’d like it to be,” Nourie CEO and co-founder Osahan Ojeaga told Hello Beautiful. “With Nourie, you can kiss that deep-down worry goodbye.”

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5. Yummy Extensions

Hair mavens who are partial to wigs, clip-ins, and extensions know the brand Yummy Extensions very well. Founded by Yummie O., the brand is known for its luxurious line of raw human hair extensions — straight-to-textured options — crafted to go the distance. However, the brand is also becoming popular for its Raw Cambodian Bulk Hair for Braiding. Available in a 3B/3C curl pattern, this offering is perfect for folks who love the idea of a curly-meets-wavy protective style. The hair offers a medium luster that blends well with natural hair and can be colored and heat-styled. In addition, the hair is available in various lengths to suit your needs. 

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