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In celebration of the remarkable achievements of Black women in media and entertainment, we’ve curated a list of five thought-provoking podcasts led by Black women brought to you by the Urban One Podcast Network.

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From conversations about success with Jessie Woo and Nzinga Imani (Listen to Black Women) to healing after a loss with Mia Jaye (Small Doses Podcast), The Urban One Podcast Network is your source for stories for and by Black women. If you’re looking for a new podcast to lift your spirits or help you reach your goals, then take a look at our list of five shows exclusive to the Urban One Podcast Network that you’ll definitely want to follow today.



Here Are 5 Women-Led Black podcasts you missed this week on the Urban One Podcast Network:

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1. ‘Small Doses’: “The Side Effects of Healing After A Loss” with Young Dolph’s Longtime Partner Mia Jaye

“You went to couples therapy with Young Dolph?”

In celebration of the birthday of Young Dolph, Amanda Seales connects with his longtime partner, Mia Jaye, on the Small Doses Podcast (from the Urban One Podcast network) to discuss the ups and downs of grief and honoring those we’ve lost.

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2. ‘Black Health 365’: “A Conversation About Autism Disorder” A Black Women Creates A Foundation To Support Black Families Children On The Autism Spectrum

In 2008 shortly after Ms. Camile Proctor son’s second birthday, he was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. As she searched for support services for her family, she soon realized a disparity in the black community.

Join the Black Health 365 podcast as Jackie page speaks to Ms. Camile Proctor about her journey to understand autism and launch The Color of Autism Foundation to support African American families with children on the autism spectrum. Through her story, Camille hopes to educate and raise awareness about autism in the black community while advocating for better support services nationwide for those affected by autism.

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3. ‘Mind, Body and Business’: “Social Media Addiction and How It Impacts Your Health”

Social media has had a grasp on most of our lives in some form or fashion. Social media can be a useful tool, but too much of anything is always a bad thing. 

Maria breaks down social media addiction and how it impacts your mental and physical health. She talks about possible warning signs that you are addicted to social media. But we have to be honest with ourselves that we have a problem if any of these signs resonate with us. Maria gives tips on how you can limit your time from social media. 

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4. ‘Listen To Black Women: The Podcast’: “Defining Success”

How does Jessie Woo and Nzinga Imani define success? In this week’s episode of Listen to Black Women: The Podcast, host Lore’l sits with the ladies, who share their journeys of what it took to reach the level of success they are at now by having to provide their own wardrobe and glam for television shows to demanding respect in their budding careers. The ladies also discuss the hardships they have faced in the industry from being body shamed, to negotiating their own contracts, and who they look up to for mentorship!

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5. ‘The Undressing Room’: “Lore’l & Claudia Loved Rocking With Y’all”

It’s hard to say goodbye, and on the latest episode of The Undressing Room podcast, we get to hear from hosts Lore’l, from The Morning Hustle, and Claudia Jordan, Fox Soul, who are saying goodbye to The Undressing Room. Listen to their fondest memories while on the show, as they say, thank you and goodbye to the listeners and past guests. And of course, they can’t leave without undressing some hot topics. From Carlee Russell to Future and Russell Wilson taking shots at each other, there is a lot to undress this week. Lore’l and Claudia also share the sad news about the son of popular podcaster Gillie Da Kid from Million Dollaz Worth of Game and send well wishes to his family.

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