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Mental health is something that has thankfully become less of a taboo topic to talk about, especially amongst Black people.

In the case of R&B sensation SZA, her vocalness when it comes to struggling with adult ADHD has made her not only a hero in the eyes of many but also given those dealing with the condition as well the strength to speak out.



The Ctrl chanteuse hopped on Twitter yesterday (seen above) to discuss her latest feelings about having adult ADHD, writing to her 5.6 million followers, “Having un medicated adult adhd is REALLY fucking hard and absolutely nobody has empathy for it cause we all grown and busy but GADDAMN . I be ready to tap OUT.” [sic]

It wasn’t the first time SZA spoke on her personal issues with the condition, writing almost a year ago to the day, “Adult un medicated adhd is actually terrifying… much deeper than procrastination. I really can’t recall what I’m sposed to do.”

Earlier that summer, she expressed the same sentiments by simply tweeting, “Adhd sucks ass . All I gotta say bout dat.”

For those that want a better understanding, the term stands for “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” and is described as a mental health condition that, as the name suggests, causes difficulty maintaining attention. Although the idea of not being able to simply pay attention sounds light on paper, it’s actually a very serious condition that can lead to unstable relationships, poor work performance, low self-esteem and impulsive behavior amongst other disabilities. Although it’s believed that 4% to 5% of all adults in America have it, there’s also the fact that ADHD is a highly undiagnosed condition and many more are believed to have it than the numbers suggests.

Just by seeing SZA address it publicly, others also felt confident to talk about their own stories of adult ADHD, even giving tips on how they’ve learned to cope with it.


We commend Solána for being unafraid to be transparent about her mental health, and we pray that her and others going through it can find ways to make the struggle a bit easier to live with.

Take a look below at the conversation that was sparked on social media by SZA’s openness to talk about dealing with adult ADHD:




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1. Maybe now that SZA shed light on this y’all can be more understanding to those around you with ADHD. We aren’t just “distracted”

via @Moomoonc96

2. Please continue to use your platform to help educate and advocate for and about ADHD. We (the black community) are in desperate need of awareness, diagnosis and treatment.

via @AskTeesha

3. Until about 27 I felt rage, then it turned to sadness. Like crying during commercials sad. Medicating my ADHD has been the only thing that worked in 10 years. That’s me though. Whether holistic, pharmaceutical, a combination of both or something else entirely. Be true to you.

via @BeyondIOC

4. adhd meds can be really intense and can come w equally as intense side effects. my resting heart rate used to sit at like 150bpm and i couldn’t even think about food without throwing up… it’s for the patient only to decide to go thru something like that… it can be traumatic asf

via @ColletteWinter0

5. I know one guy who not only has ADHD, but has been treating it for 25 years who totally empathizes with how hard it is. (it me.)

via @markwwilsonmd

6. The way I almost flunked out of college bc of my unmedicated ADHD. Even just the knowledge that you have it is so powerful; prior to getting diagnosed I felt that I was just inherently incapable of “adulting” the way everyone around me could.

via @LoveGalorde

7. Adhd big sucks I feel for Sza hard

via @Petalromance

8. THIS! and half the time idk if its because i have adhd or im depressed, the smallest tasks be so hard!!!!

via @glittahoney

9. this book really helped me change my perspective oj my ADHD hope it helps you and others out too

via @jeiksturf

10. Sza just admitted to having ADHD I literally thought I was the only woman out here with it. Felt alone

via @sukihanagoat

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