via News5: The Cuyahoga County Library has won a $50,000 grant from Google after winning the public vote of Google’s Impact Challenge Cleveland. Google already handed out $50,000 apiece to four organizations that do worthwhile important work in our community, The company allowed the public to vote who would get an additional $50,000. The […]

The world’s earliest-known complete stone inscription of the Ten Commandments, described as a “national treasure” of Israel, sold at auction in Beverly Hills for $850,000. Heritage Auctions said the two-foot square marble slab sold Wednesday night at a public auction of ancient Biblical archaeology artifacts. The tablet weighs about 115 pounds and is inscribed in […]


  http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/investigations/four-cleveland-police-officers-involved-in-a-deadly-chase-have-history-of-excess-force-allegations CLEVELAND – Four of 13 Cleveland police officers involved in a high-speed chase that left two people dead have a history of excessive…

McDonald’s said Monday that it is planning a one-day hiring spree of 50,000 new workers on April 19 for its U.S. restaurants. McDonald’s hopes to get across the message, much as Starbucks Corp. has successfully done, that a job with it is not a dead end and can offer solid benefits and long-term career opportunities, which the company […]