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getty image: As summer break gets closer, a new program is taking shape to steer kids away from trouble. It’s a direct response to murders and violence involving teens happening in and around Cleveland. Damien Parker is the organizer behind the ‘Gloves Not Guns.’ The program will be offering a full year of boxing and mixed […]

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Gun violence in the city of Chicago reached a 21-year high in the month of May.

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Judge Verda Colvin of Bibb County, Georgia brought a room full of at-risk teenagers to tears after telling them, "Stop acting like you're trash."

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  Erica Campbell was emotional and proud watching her cousin Dana Hammond, Founder and Director of Choice Group Inc., host his organization’s first annual gala and fundraiser to provide quality media arts after-school programs for inner city and foster youth. It was a “total success” said a beaming Campbell via Twitter. On Dec. 11, the intimate […]