via BlackAmericaWeb:COLLIN BINKLEY AP Education Writer President Trump yesterday signed a bipartisan bill that will permanently provide more than $250 million a year to the nation’s historically black colleges and universities, along with dozens of other institutions that serve large shares of minority students. Michael Lomax, president and CEO of the United Negro College Fund, thanked Trump and […]

via Wkyc: The Ohio Senate passed the “Alianna Alert” bill, named after Alianna DeFreeze, on Wednesday. The 14-year-old DeFreeze was murdered on her way to school in Cleveland last year. “The events that took place surrounding the abduction and tragic death of Alianna DeFreeze are horrific, says the bill’s co-sponsor, State Senator Sandra Williams of Cleveland. “It […]

When you go out to eat, it is customary to tip your server in addition to what you pay for your meal when the bill comes. But it’s actually customary for a reason: servers only get paid in tips. That’s right- there aren’t any wages supplementing what you choose to give a waiter or waitress […]

Gov. John Kaisch has signed a bill legalizing a fast-tracked medical marijuana program in the state. Kasich signed the legislation Wednesday that would allow people to use the drug in vapor form for certain chronic health conditions. The bill bars patients from smoking marijuana or growing it at home. A count by the National Conference […]

After Uncle Sam accused Whitney Houston’s estate of under reporting its federal taxes, her heirs have filed a petition to challenge what the IRS claims it owes. According to Bloomberg’s reporting of the May 23rd petition, Houston’s estate objects to the determination that $22.6 million has been underreported, which the IRS claims means that more […]

source: Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said no bill was ever sent to the Tamir Rice family. “No intent or no sending of a bill to the Tamir Rice family. Medicaid paid their portion; we closed the account and absorbed the rest. When the state asked for the information.. then it generated the other side […]

The city of Cleveland is asking the estate of Tamir Rice to pay $500 for the 12-year-old’s “last dying expense.” Assistant Law Director Carl Meyer filed the creditor’s claim in Cuyahoga County Probate Court on Wednesday. The city is asking to be reimbursed for the emergency services Rice received, including “ambulance advance life support” and mileage, […]

A federal judge in Rhode Island has ruled that a cash-strapped Cleveland suburb must pay at least $638,000 after defaulting on a years-old bill owed to an insolvent traffic camera company that was based in Providence, Rhode Island. The total could reach $1 million if an attorney for the receiver overseeing the insolvency seeks interest […]

A proposal offering cash reparations and other benefits to three women abducted and imprisoned in a Cleveland man’s home for a decade cleared a divided House committee Wednesday with several changes. The measure, which passed 14-3, would provide the women with annual cash relief payments for each of the years they were restrained but would […]

  Award-winning gospel duo Mary Mary is sending out an alert to parents via Twitter about a game-changing law which will impact children in the California public school system come January 1, 2014. Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed into law a controversial bill that could compromise the safety, privacy and mental health of school children […]

It’s been a year since the untimely death of Tameka Raymond’s 11 year old son Kile Glover, who died after suffering head injuries from being hit by a jet ski on Lake Lanier. Tameka has persevered over the past year by using her grief as a catalyst for change. It was her footwork and determination that convinced […]

Ohio is poised to become the 39th state to prohibit texting while driving. Gov. John Kasich is scheduled to sign a ban Friday on writing, reading and sending texts from behind the wheel. The measure includes a stricter crackdown on teen drivers’ use of electronic devices. Minors would be banned from using cellphones, iPads or […]