Bishop T.D. Jakes

via Joy105/by Raquel Jayson: Recently Bishop T.T. Jakes was on CBS Good Morning to share words of comfort to all pastors in the nation Check out the clip here from Bishop T. D. Jakes and we hope it brings some level of love, enlightenment and comfort to you.

via FirstLadyB: Bishop Talked about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter GiGi and more on The Tamera Hall Show CLICK HERE to read the full story

via praiserichmond: Bishop T.D. Jakes recently announced the grand finále of his legendary Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Conference Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Conference, September 10-12, 2020, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. CLICK HERE to read full story  

via EEWMagazine/Stacy Pearson: If you didn’t know a few months ago Micah Stampley’s Family suffered a tragedy..His 15 year old daughter passed away from a seizure. At Bishop T.D. Jakes The Potter’s House of Dallas, following the 48-year-old guest songstress’s worship set, Jakes prayed for Stampley, leaving the grieving father sobbing on his knees. CLICK […]

via FirstLadyB: Recently The Potter’s House Senior Pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about the death of basketball Legend Kobe Bryant & his daughter Gigi and how this is affecting all of us. “You don’t make sense of it. You endure it, you survive it, you grieve, you go through […]

via EEWMagazine/ EEW Magazine News Editors: Bishop T.D. Jakes, shared heartfelt words and a prayer online Monday as Bahamians are overwhelmed by the catastrophic storm. “The intensity of Hurricane Dorian is quite disturbing,” wrote the 62-year-old leader of The Potter’s House of Dallas, TX. “Our hearts are broken for those who have hunkered down for […]

via BCNN1: When faced with generational inequality and a wealth gap that just gets bigger and bigger, the most important way to combat all of it is to just get started. “It’s not just about money. It’s about the economy,” said Bishop T.D. Jakes, the pastor, author and filmmaker who led a panel discussion for Essence […]

via cbn/TheBelleReport: Dallas megachurch pastor and televangelist Bishop T.D. Jakes has announced plans to launch his own online Jakes Divinity School next January. The school will begin enrolling students early next year. Jakes, the senior pastor of The Potter’s House, will serve as chancellor. Former Regent University Professor Dr. Antipas Harris, a Yale-trained theologian, has been named […]

via EEWMagazine/Tabitha Houghton // EEW Magazine Inspiration: When life is unstable, honestly, you feel stressed. Despite knowing God and doing your best to stay positive, uncertain times make positivity extraordinarily difficult. But leave it to Bishop T.D. Jakes, known for motivating millions worldwide with his charismatic preaching, to put an encouraging spin on change and […]

via BlackAmericaWeb: Inside a provocative exhibit about Thomas Jefferson and slavery, Bishop T.D. Jakes was reminded of his own enslaved ancestors. Jakes, who has visited Africa many times, proudly talked about his Nigerian roots. He said Dr. Henry Louis Gates, a professor of African and African American research at Harvard University, arranged a DNA test […]

via TheChristianPost: Audrey Stevenson, a former volunteer at the Potter’s House of Fort Worth, Texas, who was caught on video being handcuffed and physically removed from the church during a dispute with an elder in March, has filed a lawsuit against T.D. Jakes Ministries and several other parties over the incident. In the lawsuit cited […]

via FirstLadyB: Pastors have gotten more into preaching than winning souls, this according to Bishop T.D. Jakes. “WHAT CHURCH PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND IS YOU CAN’T GO INTO THE WORLD AND USE CHURCH LANGUAGE AND CATCH THE WORLD.” Jakes shared his views with fellow laymen, Texas Pastor Ed Young during his YouTube series, “The Raw & The Reel,” as […]