via TheChristianPost: Country superstar Carrie Underwood who was named in People magazine’s list of 100 Reasons to Love America, testified to how her faith in God helped her get through three recent miscarriages. “I put a lot of stress on myself — I feel like a lot of moms do, a lot of women do,” Underwood said in the […]

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via Hallels: Country music star Carrie Underwood’s new song “The Champion” has brought hope to many.  Released for Super Bowl LII, the song has also been picked up for use during the 2018 Winter Olympics.  From kids reciting the song lyrics each morning in the school’s gymnasium to a young boy finding hope in the message as he goes through […]


In 2013 many celebrities tweeted their wishes for Easter, but which of these stars actually celebrate the real reason for the holiday? BreatheCast takes a look at what some of the biggest names in Hollywood had to say about the holiday. Carrie Underwood American Idol winner and country music singer Carrie Underwood grew up singing in church […]