via getupmornings: Hearing the sentence, “you have with cancer.” has to be extremely difficult. These inspiring celebrities were diagnosed with cancer and survived. We all know of the most common cancers, like breast and prostate cancer. There are several types of cancer, like; skin cancer, bladder, brain, and cervical. Breast Cancer T-Lymphoma Prostate Cancer Basal […]

via BlackAmericaWeb/eurweb: Celebrities across the internet are embracing the FaceApp hype after a retooled version of its old age filter sent social media into a frenzy. Social media users have been sharing images of what they would look like as elderly folks, including Kevin Hart, Terry Crews Dwyane Wade and Drake. However, users are being warned that […]

via BlackAmericaWeb: Yesterday was  Mother’s Day and of course, some of our favorite celebrities are using the day to show the moms in their lives some extra love. If you’re in need of some extra cuteness today, flip through and fill your heart with this celebrity Mommy love. CLICK HERE to read story

via Joy105: Actors, athletes, musicians and other big name celebrities are using Twitter to rally behind a Tennessee student after an emotional video showed the boy crying about being bullied. Keaton Jones, a young boy from Knoxville, became an internet sensation after his mother shared a video of his heartbreaking story on Facebook. Keaton was […]

via BlackAmericaWeb: Kevin Hart challenged his celebrity friends to match his donation to Hurricane Harveyrelief efforts, and some of those celebs have responded. Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson, one of the stars on Hart’s list, stepped up by donating $25,000 to the cause, matching the comedian’s initial donation before Hart kicked in another $25,000 and called out another […]

There are many celebrated people who are making great moves to change or at least put a serious dent in the many challenges we face in our world. Some are quietly writing checks, while others are lending their name to enhance visibility of a cause. Here are 5 such people who are doing their part […]

There are plenty of heroes who walk among us--even if technically they're on the red carpet. Check out some stories about Hollywood's unlikely heroes below.

DEITRICK HADDON “Love Harder, Laugh Harder, Give More, Live Free, and be confident in ME!” “I have new baby coming. My Husband I are gonna be starting a new restaurant… TIA MOWRY “My New Year’s Resolution is to not wait for the New Year to start a… CLICK HERE to read story source: essence.com

The stars are coming out for the papal visit. Celebrities including Jennifer Hudson, Gloria Estefan, Aretha Franklin and Andrea Bocelli will be performing at papal events in New York City and Philadelphia. Pope Francis is visiting those cities, as well as Washington, during his first trip to the United States from Sept. 22 to Sept. […]

Source: Judah Smith Instagram As the HILLSONG Australia Annual Conference kicked off this past weekend in Sydney, Australia, there was an extremely familiar face in the crowd of worshippers: Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber. A longtime attendee of Hillsong events on both coasts, Bieber has been known to drop by for a visit at Hillsong […]

Copyright Getty Images KARL WALTER Stars converged on the Super Bowl both on and off the field on Sunday, with Britney Spears and Mark Wahlberg among the celebrities who watched the game and an elaborate halftime show by Katy Perry. Wahlberg, a Boston native, was pulling for a victory by the New England Patriots — […]