via BlackDoctor: Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up to a cup of tea. Not just any tea, a delicious healthy winter tea. What makes a winter tea healthy, you ask? A tea that is full of germ-fighting power and tastes like a snow daydream. It’s a tea that can do a lot more […]

via BlackDoctor:   You know the weather is changing and winter will be here before you know it. That’s why its so important to get a flu shot,you don’t want to be sick in the coming weeks and months ahead. There are however a few things you can do to protect yourself and increase your […]

via Wkyc: The weather is getting much colder and area shelters and getting ready to help out the homeless in Northeast Ohio. “Even though it hit us really quickly we’re constantly watching the news and this is part of what we do, so we’re always prepared,” says Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry Men’s Shelter Director of Operations, […]

via BlackDoctor: Along with the flu, this is the time of year for sinus infections with their make-you-miserable stuffy, runny noses and blocked ears. Most sinus infections are caused by viruses, but bacteria can also be to blame, according to Dr. Jessica Grayson, an assistant professor of otolaryngology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. […]

via 19news: The calls are coming in to Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging, as the countdown begins to sub-zero temperatures hit Northeast Ohio. CEO Doug Beach has set up a direct phone line for the elderly to call if they need anything at all. In the call center on Tuesday, Tim Kenepp spoke with […]

via News5: With extreme cold in the forecast, many owners will be making sure their pets are safe and warm inside. Unfortunately some pets are left outside in the elements. Animals, despite their fur coats, are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia just like people. If you find an abandoned or stray animal, or witness a […]

via News5: Doctors with the Cleveland Clinic are warning folks about the health hazards due to the frigid weather. Currently, a winter storm is pummeling the East Coast and Northeast Ohio is dealing with freezing temperatures. Experts did not just talk about frostbite and hypothermia, but the importance of protecting your lungs and heart from […]

via Cleveland19: The forecasted low temperature for Tuesday night into Wednesday morning is 11 degrees. Adding in the wind, and the wind chill could be around zero degrees. Your body is not going to like that. “At temperatures such as those forecast tonight, individuals are certainly at risk for developing hypothermia and/or frostbite if they […]

With winter on our doorstep, many of us are looking forward to the beauty of the season and the unique social and recreational activities that only winter can offer. But cold weather, and particularly cold air, can play havoc with your lungs and health. Here are some tips and tools to help you enjoy the […]

Doctors say the coldest air Northeast Ohio has seen this season can be dangerous if you’re not careful. As temperatures dip to near Zero on last Saturday night, they’re reminding people to bundle up, refrain from strenuous activities and limit time outside. Signs of frostbite include a pins and needles feeling or a stinging sensation. […]

According to the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, 44,000 people have an asthma attack every day in the U.S. For African Americans, we are three times more likely to be hospitalized for and well as die from asthma attacks. While environmental triggers like smoke and pollen are common culprits, during the winter months there’s a […]

We’re in the dead of winter. You know what that means, right? Dry skin, snow storms, ice-cold temperatures, and germs – lots of them! And get this: Illnesses and viruses are more likely to spread through the workplace since everyone is in such close quarters. Fortunately, there are several precautions you can take to stay […]