Damon Little

After delivering an empowering Ericaism about how it’s never too late to get it right, Erica Campbell and GRIFF get to talk with Damon Little more about his journey as a singer. He talks about why he’s always felt very secure in himself, and explained how he got into singing in the first place. Plus, […]

  As promised, this is an update to inform my fans, friends, family, and the gospel music industry on the progress of my surgery. As Momma used to say, this is from the horse’s mouth”.  Thanks be to God, my operation went very well; I had a few slight setbacks, but I am alive and […]

Quartet gospel music legend Damon Little, who is best known for hit songs such as “You Can’t Straddle The Fence”, “Do Right” or his recent hit “Make A Way”, has been scheduled for emergency heart surgery to take place Monday, April 22nd in the Baltimore, MD area.  Little wanted his fans to hear the news straight from him and here’s his letter: “To […]