via Wkyc: A social media post promoting The United Skates of America led to a large turnout Saturday night. Policed called it “a large-scale disturbance.” Video on social media shows them attempt to calm what appears to dozens of screaming teenagers. At one point, a display case tips over. CLICK HERE to read story  

via Wkyc: It took three hours for the area to be secured after the disturbance broke out on Monday. More details are starting to emerge in the investigation into Monday’s disturbance at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center. According to Juvenile Court Media Specialist Mary Davidson, Unit 4 of the detention center was vandalized by […]

via Wkyc: Two minor injures were reported, one juvenile and one deputy. Officials responded to disturbance at the Cleveland Juvenile Justice Center, Monday evening. According to reports, the incident at 9300 Quincy Avenue involved 12 juveniles. Five of them were removed and transported to the Justice Center. An additional seven remain segregated from the other […]