via getupmornings: February 3rd marks the anniversary Congress ratified the 15th amendment granted African American men the right to vote in 1870, it wasn’t until 1920 when African American Women we able to vote in the United States.  When you add the years, African-Americans have been able to vote for longer than most have been living but […]

The deadline to register to vote and be eligible to cast a ballot in the upcoming March Democratic and Republican primaries is Feb. 18. The primaries in Ohio will take place on March 17. On that occasion, voters will select the candidate they believe should be on the November general election ballot. If you are […]

Members of Black Hollywood came together to launch a Public Service Announcement urging people of color to Go Vote – Go out and vote on November 8th via the newly formed organization, Artistic Alliance For Justice (AAJ.) PSA producers Steven Jones (Brand Maverick Entertainment) & Kendrick Sampson (ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder) created the […]

Want to vote early in Ohio? You have a couple of options. Absentee voting by mail involves applying for an absentee ballot.Click or tap here to apply for the ballot. Print the application, sign it, and mail it back to your county board of elections. Once you receive your ballot, return your completed ballot. For more […]

1. It is not just the president on the ballot Control of the White House may indeed hinge on just a handful of swing states. FiveThirtyEight estimates that the Republican presidential nominee could lock in a big victory by winning eight states Democrats won in 2012 — Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Iowa, Pennsylvania […]

In a dramatic illustration of democracy in action, Barack Obama on Tuesday told the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that he would love to…

U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge says “I’m ashamed that Ohio is doing this.” She’s talking about legal changes in early voting opportunities made by the Republican-controlled state legislature and signed by Governor John Kasich The changes reduce evening hours and weekend voting. Fudge think Republican claims of identical rules statewide are bogus. She asks why are […]

Baltimore Pastor Jamal Bryant has partnered with Rev. Jesse Jackson, John Conyers, Jr., and a host of others to present a three-day conference, Code Red that will mobilize and instruct everyday people in voter registration processes in preparation for the November Presidential elections. Participants will be taught critical training, strategizing and self-empowerment tools necessary to […]

For nearly five decades, South Africa’s apartheid system proved to be an ugly reminder that racism and segregation was an issue worthy of the protests…

On Tuesday, November 8, voters at two Cleveland area polling sites will have a shot at more than just casting a ballot. The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland and Northern Ohio will partner with Parma Community General Hospital to offer voters flu and pneumonia vaccinations during the 12th annual Vote and Vaccinate Program. The vaccinations […]

A few weeks ago, an elderly, 96-year-old Tennessee woman was denied the right to vote. She was African American. With the 2012 elections approaching, and the main candidate up for re-election being African American, many in the Black community have been the target of attempts to change voter ID laws that harken back to the […]

RAP SESSIONS WITH BAKARI KITWANA Bakari Kitwana speaks with political strategist, writer and organizer Alexis McGill Johnson about key mid-term election races that she’s watching today. They also discuss what is at stake for the Black community overall in today’s mid-term elections. McGill Johnson tells why Senate and House races, key races in California […]