Faith Walk

  During today’s Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell Faith Walk, Erica takes notice of how God does not choose favorites.  God loves all of his children regardless of our sins or misgivings.  God has equal love for everyone … regardless of your profession … regardless of how regularly you attend church … regardless of […]

via getupmornings: Erica Campbell is speaking to everyone that is going through a process of trying to be successful. She mentioned you get 5 comments and then start to feel yourself and let your ego block you from blessings. Some people go around insulting others and think they are above them. Erica believes you can’t do […]

via getupmornings: Sometimes when bad things happen to us we forget about the good times. Erica Campbell spoke about how the enemy is always trying to get us. When we go through bad times we must remember that God promised us so much and we must believe in him. Remind yourself that he always comes through even when the […]

via getupmornings:   Erica Campbell spoke about waiting on things and how it’s all in the Bible. We dislike waiting now on things that could change our lives like losing weight, developing a business, relationships and more. Erica wants you to stop rushing and take time to pray about it.   She mentioned we must make the plan, […]

via getupcampbell   There is a certain process you go through after breaking up with someone. Erica Campbell talked about walking around for a long time with hate and anger as well as freeing yourself from it. You have to learn how to move on and grow past it.   Erica explained you will love again and […]

via getupmornings: We all go throgh so much in life, but we must always remember God is by our side. Erica Campbell believes that tough times are apart of God’s plan. He loves you and will never allow you to fall apart during a storm. We have to go through certain things in order to know we can stand […]

via getupmornings: Erica Campbell spoke about how God gave us the earth and blesses us in so many ways. She wants us to stay strong and faithful. When we focus on blessings instead of negativity it can change our life. Erica mentioned that sometimes people won’t understand your faith, but we must continue to let him use us. […]

via getupmornings: Is there something you want to do, but aren’t believing in yourself? Canton Jonestalked about how you can’t wait for people to help you. If something makes you happy you must make your own way to continue it. God has given us the faith and it’s not time to be lazy. We have the ability […]

via getupmornings: Erica Campbell talked about the recent story of when Wendy Williams had some things to say about the Clark Sisters. She mentioned that many gospel artists and believers responded with negativity. Some attacked Wendy by talking about her marriage as well as her show and that’s not the way it should have been Erica believes the Clark […]

via getupmornings:     Are things just not going right in life? Erica Campbell spoke about a prank that some kids played on their family member. Everywhere he went he smelled something and then found out it was him because they put something stinky on him.   Erica mentioned that sometimes you can change the people you […]

via GetUpMornings: God knows us best, from every follicle on our head to future plans that we don’t know about. Erica Campbell talked about how he has a plan and a purpose for us. There are trials we all have to go through and we need to know God always has us covered. Erica mentioned that those trials […]

via GetUpMornings: Erica Campbell talked about feeling good about yourself. When you feel certain ways about your looks, say bad things about yourself or things like that it brings you down. Erica wants you to change the thought of what you think of yourself and let it be more positive. How you feel about yourself plays […]