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Photo Credit: Kirk Franklin Instagram We are most like Christ when we spread love and give. One veteran Gospel artist showed Christ-likeness this weekend and brightened people’s holiday in the process. “Bless me, Kirk!” a woman shouted at a Bowie, Maryland Walmart store after GRAMMY® Award-winning recording artist Kirk Franklin announced he would be “blessing […]

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A Cleveland church has 50 trees it doesn’t want to waste, so it’s offering them up for free for anyone who wants them. St. Augustine Church, 2486 W. 14th Street, has the trees on the front lawn and ask anyone who wants them to stop by and take them. source: Newsnet5.com

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  Getty Images   Halloween 2015 has come and gone and you may have bought too much candy for your neighborhood trick-or treaters. Now that you have all of the extra treats left-over, you may ask yourself what to do with it. According to the Columbus Dispatch there are plenty of ways to get rid […]


  Christians are encouraged to be radical for Christ, but how radical it too radical? When BET’s “Sunday Best” winner Le’Andria Johnson was recorded passing out cigarettes to smokers on the street and even lighting them up as a way to share Jesus last year, it was viewed as controversial to say the least. But what about […]