via Wkyc: As a Cleveland police commander, William Tell saw a lot. But there’s something he never saw in his 31 years on the force. “I never came to work one day where I knew a police officer, white or black, who came to work and said, I’m going to kill me somebody black today,” […]

The city of Cleveland is reminding Browns fans to follow the rules in the Municipal Parking Lot. The team’s first preseason game is Thursday at 8 p.m., meaning a portion of the muni lot opens for tailgaters at noon. The entire lot opens at 5:30 p.m. For regular season games, the lot will open at […]

As fun and exciting fashion can be, there are many things that can be detrimental to our overall health that we may not realize. Here are a few of those things to remember. 1.High Heels  As sexy as those new Jimmy Choo stilettos make your legs look and compliment your look, you may be surprised […]