Kevin Costner

Every now and then a movie comes through that the family should watch. Tomorrw we get the movie ‘Black Or White’  on dvd. Oscar® winners Kevin Costner* and Octavia Spencer** co-star in this touching comedy-drama based on real events. When two grandparents, Elliott (Costner) and Rowena (Spencer), engage in a heated custody dispute over their beloved […]

A little over a week ago, the Oscar nominations created quite the buzz. Many people were up in arms regarding the fact that there wasn’t…

On an orange carpet they made their way into the Cinemark Valley View Tuesday night, many of them Cleveland Browns, for an advance screening of “Draft Day” the Kevin Costner film that celebrates their city, their team. “Choosing the Cleveland Browns to be portrayed as the team in this movie I think is definitely a […]

The same city that became home to the “Avengers” and will soon host the return of Captain America is reportedly about to welcome Kevin Costner’s next movie. According to a story posted on, filmmakers have chosen Cleveland as their location to make “Draft Day,” a film that will reportedly showcase Costner acting as the Browns General Manager. Ivan Schwarz, Executive Director […]

In an interview about his upcoming History Channel miniseries “Hatfields & McCoys,” Kevin Costner briefly spoke about the moving eulogy he gave at Whitney Houston’s funeral. He explained that he was initially reluctant to speak publicly in the aftermath of his former “Bodyguard” co-star’s death, and turned down several requests to appear on talk shows […]