Jason Miller/Getty Images A $500 million development project has brought some changes to the Pro football Hall of Fame in Canton. Visitors can find Joe Namath at work in the museum, or at least the hologram version of the legendary New York Jets quarterback. It’s part of the Hall of Fame’s new Game for Life […]

The barrels and barricades went up, and about 70,000 bus riders and commuters who routinely use Public Square adjusted with no major problems Monday. The 15-month makeover of Public Square began smoothly after a massive publicity campaign explaining the rerouting, detours and new bus stops. The Downtown Cleveland Alliance reports that it and City Hall […]

  By the time most of Cleveland heads to work Monday, the $32 million makeover of Public Square will already be underway. A lot of traffic comes through the intersection of Ontario and Superior Avenue at Public Square, but starting Monday at 6 a.m., the intersection will be closed to make room for the 15-month […]

  Ralphie’s neighborhood is getting a major makeover. Ralphie was a main character in the iconic movie ‘A Christmas Story,’ which was filmed mostly in Cleveland more than thirty years ago. Ralphie’s house has been meticulously restored and attracts more than 50,000 visitors a year. Visitors will find pictures, memorabilia, costumes and memories from the […]

Article By Jamal Farrow:: EEW Magazine Faith News How would you like your Bible to read more like your favorite modern novel: a single column layout, no verses, and no thee’s and thou’s? A guy named Adam Lewis Greene is creating a soon-to-be-released new version of the most sacred book of all called Bibliotheca. With more than […]

  It’s the heart of Cleveland and the living room of Cleveland. And it’s about to get a massive makeover. Public Square is now not a very people-friendly place. There are four disconnected quadrants. It’s 60 percent concrete. It’s basically a massive bus hub where 40,000 riders a day hop on and off public transportation. […]

  After becoming the center of one of the year’s most high-profile cases, Rachel Jeantel became both the target of stinging criticism and the beneficiary of praise and charitable giving. But now, the 19-year-old who served as the prosecution’s key witness in the trial for the man who shot and killed her friend, Trayvon Martin, is putting […]

  The matriarch of the family Karen Clark Sheard gets a brand new look!…..Is her updated look suitable as a Bishop’s wife? Is her updated look suitable as a Bishop’s wife?   article courtesy of

  There is a move to bring a new vibrancy into Cleveland’s Public Square and push away dullness at the center of the city. A nationally-known architect, James Corner, unveiled what he had been working on at the request of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson on Thursday. Under the plan, the square would become largely a green […]

Black Woman Redefined will be released in paperback Nov. 20, with new essays and an interview with First Lady Michelle Obama. In this book, writer  Sophia Nelson lays waste to the age-old stereotypes of black women as angry, loud-mouthed, and out of shape by creating new images through letters and essays. Her goal is to show […]

  Gabby Douglas Silences Hair Critics Once and for All After being blasted by detractors for her choice of hairstyle, Gabby Douglas took to Twitter Wednesday to debut a glamorous hair and makeup makeover at the hands of the Ted Gibson salon. Ted Gibson, known for his position on TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” restyled […]

Now that she dominates reality television, fashion and nightlife coast to coast, Kim Kardashian has set her sights on the biggest spotlight of them all: the big screen. The reality star/designer/businesswoman/HuffPost Game Changer has joined the cast of Tyler Perry’s next film, “The Marriage Counselor,” she tweeted Friday night. Based on one of Perry’s plays, […]