CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES Flames fueled: The Rocky Fire — the largest of the nearly two dozen fires torching California — destroyed 24 homes and 26 outbuildings as it continued to burn yesterday for a sixth day. It’s charred 67,000 acres and is only 20% contained. Lower temperatures, higher humidity and clouds are helping firefighters gain ground […]

Updated: 12:09 PM ET: KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — A Ukrainian official said a passenger plane carrying 295 people was shot down Thursday over a town in…

1. MINNESOTA ATTACK THWARTED Massacre in the works: A Minnesota teen had a plan – a big, bold, dangerous plan, according to police. Here’s what he had in mind. He was going to kill his family, start a diversionary fire, set off bombs at an area school, kill the resource officer there and then shoot students. Someone noticed […]

  1. MISSING PLANE Keeping an ear out: Those underwater pulses an Australian navy ship detected over the weekend haven’t been heard since, but Australian Defense Minister David Johnston says it’s full speed ahead in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Investigators are hoping the signals could be locator beacons from the plane’s data recorders, but […]

  1. MISSING PLANE Not getting any easier: It’s not getting any easier to find possible debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Here’s how a top Australian defense official described it. “We’re not searching for a needle in a haystack,” Mark Binskin, vice chief of the Australian Defence Force, told reporters. “We’re still trying to find […]

  1. MISSING PLANE Sea of questions: Australia says it wants to get answers for the families of those aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner. And it’s scouring the southern Indian Ocean for objects it says may be related to the search for the jetliner. While this is the best lead yet on where plane might be, confirming […]

  1. MISSING PLANE New day, old questions: Another day breaks with no answers on vanished Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. As sometimes conflicting theories rage about where the plane might be, crews from 26 nations are scouring vast swaths of ocean and land for traces. Authorities say every one of the 239 people on board is both […]

  1. MISSING PLANE Mystery deepens: If you were a missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner, where would you be? Nine days after Flight 370 disappeared with 239 people on board, authorities are still scratching their heads. Twenty-four nations are involved in a search that spans thousands of miles, extends over 11 countries and stretches as far north as Kazakhstan […]

      1. MISSING PLANE More clues, few answers: The puzzle over the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 grew even more complex today when a report emerged suggesting the missing plane may have flown on for about four hours after its last reported contact. The report from the Wall Street Journal said U.S. aviation investigators and […]

1. MISSING MALAYSIA AIRLINES PLANE Still looking: Four days after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went off the grid, there are still far more questions than answers. Authorities expanded the search area today, with nine aircraft and 24 vessels specifically deployed to find the missing Boeing 777 or at least some clue of where it went down. The plane […]

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Planes and ships from across Asia resumed the hunt Sunday for a Malaysian jetliner missing with 239 people on board…

UPDATED 7:17 A.M. EST: The Malaysia Airline Flight that disappeared without a trace Friday reportedly crashed in the South China Sea, Vietnamese state media said,…