Maurette Brown-Clark

via Hallels: Stellar Award winning and Dove Award nominated singer-songwriter Maurette Brown Clark is back with a desperately passionate song of devotion. The rousing anthem, “I Want God” (Nettie’s Child Music/IndieBlu), is the first offering on her recording label, Nettie’s Child Music. It’s also in keeping with her timeless, chart-topping hits such as “One God” and “It Ain’t Over […]

via getupmornings: Looking for new music from Stellar Award winner Maurette Brown Clark? So are we and we are definitely ready! Brown Clark has not released new music since 2015’s Billboard Top 20 single “King Oh King”. Her latest single, “I Want God”, has an expected 1st quarter release was produced by Kenneth Shelton for KenHe […]

via getupmornings; New Gospel Artist Isaiah Templeton stopped by The Sound of Praise with Maurette Brown Clark to introduce his latest single, “Everything Will Be Alright.” Accompanied by his label head and mentor, Grammy Award Winner Smokie Norful, the two discuss his official entry into the gospel music industry as a solo artist and what […]

via GetUpMornings: Da Truth thinks there should be cameras in the “Get Up!” studio after seeing TJ dance. He talks to Maurette Brown-Clark about the new book he’s working on called, “What Do I Say, When They Say?” been in a conversation with a person of another faith and felt stuck? The book, he says, is supposed to provide short […]

via getupmornings: Maurette Brown-Clark reads from Psalms 121, which reminds us that God is our help. No matter where life finds you today, there is help, whether its finances, family, or personal matters. God is ready to help you.   In fact, Maurette says she’s not reporting on about President Trump anymore, unless its news about […]

via getupmornings: Maurette Brown-Clark was guest-hosting “Get Up! Mornings” for Erica Campbell on Valentine’s Day. She spoke some powerful words about love, starting off with celebrating her husband, Mark. They have been married for almost 25 years, and he doesn’t just love the done-up, well put together Maurette that we all know and love. He also sees the […]

via praisephilly: Anita Wilson dishes on losing her father, gaining a husband and and becoming a Grammy-nominee in an exclusive interview with Maurette Brown Clark! Press play up top…    

via GetUpMornings: Maurette Brown-Clark reads from Galatians 6:9, which says, “in due season, we shall reap if we faint not.” Often, we see other people winning and wonder when it’s going to be our turn! We might look around and see other people achieving their goals, and worry that it won’t happen for us. But our […]

getty image In this edition of Faith Walking, Maurette Brown-Clark explains that we should always thank God, no matter what. She reads a few passages on thanking God from the bible, and draws the conclusion that you can always find something to thank God for. It might be really hard in the face of all […]

Maurette Brown-Clark talks about raising her children, and the fact that she would do anything for them. But as they grow, she is learning to balance what she actually does for them, because they do have to learn on their own. She reminds herself that it is okay for them to fall, make mistakes, or […]

  In this edition of Faith Walking, guest-host Maurette Brown-Clark was reminded that, when she was younger, she would cry whenever she was called up to sing. People thought it was because she didn’t want to sing, but it’s actually because she knew the spirit of the Lord at such a young age, and understood […]

Maurette Brown-Clark honors the memory of her friend Kenny Taylor,Maurette Brown-Clark honors the memory of her friend Kenny Taylor, one of the gospel industry’s lovely spirits. Maurette talks about his open door policy, and how he was the perfect example of a true friend, that was like family. Kenny passed away at the age of […]