The US doctor sentenced to four years in prison for causing Michael Jackson’s death has given notice that he intends to appeal against the conviction. Dr. Conrad Murray signed the notice, filed in Los Angeles on Friday, seeking all records and transcripts from the case. The filing does not indicate the basis on which the doctor will argue to […]

Dr. Conrad Murray’s world came a’tumbling down when he was found guilty in the death of Michael Jackson. He allegedly admitted he wants to take his own life and who knows what the man is going through privately as he is being blamed for the death of the biggest pop star in history. Now, according to Radar Online, […]

We’ve all been patiently watching the Conrad Murray trial, waiting to see if he will be convicted of killing Michael Jackson or not. Well the verdict is in…Conrad Murray found GUILTY of Manslaughter. The jurors have been instructed that they can now do interviews, but cannot collect any compensation until after 90 days. What do […]


The prosecution and defense have rested in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is being accused of involuntary manslaughter for administering propofol to Michael Jackson. Murray’s practices were called into question by medical experts during the course of the trial, chastising him for injecting the singer with the surgical anesthetic so he could sleep. Propofol […]