viaTheChristianPost: Despite belonging to a church-attending family, 24-year-old Danielle De Guzman is among the many American millennials who struggled throughout adolescence to find relevance and trust in the church or Christianity. After high school, she would at times still attend her parents’ large church in Collin County, Texas, but admits that she would just sit […]

via BCNN1: For many North Carolinians, Sunday mornings and church go hand in hand. But times are changing. Church attendance has steadily declined over the last decade. One group in particular is leaving at what some believe is an alarming rate: Millennials. Church leaders around the country and right here in the Triad are working […]

via Halles: More Black young adults than their white counterparts are dropping out of Protestant churches, according to a new study by a Nashville-based research company. Almost 75 percent of young Black adults told LifeWay Research that they took a break from attending church regularly for at least a year between the ages of 18 and 22, Religion […]

via BCNN1: In recent years, a number of Pew Research Center surveys have shown that Millennials in the United States – young adults born between 1981 and 1996 – are generally less religious than older Americans, based on our core measures of religious commitment. This holds true for black people, in that black Millennials tend to be […]

via BlackDoctor: As a millennial, I always hear about mental health and mental illness. From my friends, other millennials, from the older generations, we talk about the importance of mental health all the time and how we need to confront and heal our internal wounds. Ironically, under the same breath, I constantly hear the banter […]

via Cleveland19: Millennials, the age group usually defined as being born in the early 1980s until about the early 2000s, have become known for their selfies, social consciousness and preference for urban living. Now, apparently, they are becoming known for the unwillingness to get a driver’s license or buy a car. A new AAA study […]

Featuring perks such as subsidized on-site child care and 100 percent company-paid health coverage, the multi-campus Steven Furtick-led Elevation Church in North Carolina has made Fortune magazine’s list of 100 best places to work for millennials in 2017 and they are hiring. The United States Census Bureau describes millennials as America’s youth born between 1982 and 2000. With 83.1 […]

getty images: In this day and age, young people seem to be slipping away from the church in alarming numbers, leaving pastors to wonder how to not only attract, but retain millennials—a fancy term for those in the under-35 group. But Pastor Alvin Love and his 10-time Grammy-winning recording artist wife, CeCe Winans, are having […]

getty image: Ebony is considering reviving the print edition of Jet magazine for millennials. The publication went out of print in 2014 and transitioned to digital-only format. Linda Johnson Rice, chairman of Johnson Publishing Co. and daughter of founder John H. Johnson, outlined some of the plans to rejuvenate Ebony two weeks ago before students […]

Millennials are the largest generation since their parents, the Baby Boomers, and already are making their mark on society and the church. As many young women are marrying and beginning their new lives, some will also take on the responsibility of first lady—the wife of the senior pastor—in their respective churches, a role with much […]

You’ve been at that event — some graduation, some concert, some ceremony — where someone gets up to the mic, shakes their head and says “see, the news cameras should be here showing the good things all these kids are doing, instead of focusing on the bad a few do.” The audience always agrees because […]

Gospel music is heading in a new direction. It’s a contemporary, fresh and hip sound that blends traditional values with a new school version of praise and worship. Check out the torchbearers of this new wave below… CLICK HERE to read story source: