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Naomi Campbell’s mother, Valerie Morris Campbell could pass for Naomi’s sister. Check out these stunning images. Gene goals!

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WOW!!!! The “Fly Friday”  Edition of the YAMS went to another level as Supermodel/Actress and Singer Naomi Campbell called into the show..Namoi talked about her roll as “Carmella”  in the Lee Daniels show “Empire” and she talked about working on the set with the amazing cast. She talked about the many charities and organizations that she […]


With all the talk about the lack of diversity within the fashion industry, you’d think black models would band together for support and show the world what it’s missing. So it was a bit disheartening when Devyn, a supermodel hopeful from Naomi Campbell’s TV show “The Face,” revealed that she doesn’t consider herself to be a black model. […]


Supermodel Naomi Campbell celebrated her 42nd birthday on Tuesday with a trip to the birthplace of Jesus, wishing for “good vibrations, not destruction” in the troubled Middle East Campbell, wearing a white shirt and black sunglasses, was flanked by Palestinian guards and her own private security detail as she toured the biblical town of Bethlehem. […]


A trustee of a Nelson Mandela charity said he will leave the organization after being caught up in a scandal involving a supermodel, a warlord and rough diamonds.