The push-back against President Obama over remarks made at last week’s National Prayer Breakfast boil down to “How dare POTUS remind us that Christianity has…

  President Barack Obama delivered a strong Christian message to the nation during the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, held at the Hilton Washington International Ballroom in Washington, D.C, stressing that leaders need to continue praying even after such events are over. “We are united in the knowledge of a redeeming savior whose grace […]

  The annual National Prayer Breakfast is happening this morning at the Hilton Washington International Ballroom in Washington, D.C. The annual event, first established by President Eisenhower in 1953, gathers a bipartisan group of political and religious leaders, as well as a diverse group of activists, to pray for America. Although the event is inclusive of […]

“I pray that God will show me and all of us the limits of our understanding and open our ears and our hearts to our brothers and sisters with different points of view, that such reminders of our shared hopes and our shared dreams and our shared limitations as children of God will reveal a […]

President Barack Obama is expected to speak again at Thursday’s exclusive National Prayer Breakfast, organized by the Fellowship Foundation. Little is known about what the president will say to the crowd. Last year, he urged for political civility. It is likely that Obama will speak of his faith at the prayer breakfast. Rep. Jeff Miller […]