Michelle Obama has a new look, both in person and online, and with the president’s re-election, she has four more years as first lady, too. That’s got many people wondering: What will she do with them? Take on a new cause? Travel more? Trace the path of another first lady and keep the Obama political brand alive […]

Back to Back Barack! Although President Barack Obama was sworn in for four more years on Sunday morning in a simple ceremony at the White House, the real festivities take place when the Head of State stands on the steps of the Capitol alongside Vice President Joe Biden to be sworn in publicly for a second term in […]

  On Monday January Praise 1300 will be airing the Inauguration of the 44th President of The United States Barack Obama LIVE at 11am This will be an historic event and one that were are proud to bring to you and we will be streaming the event on website at http://praisecleveland.com/

First Lady Michelle Obama posted this new video that details the relaunch of President Barack Obama’s campaign organization, Obama for America. The new organization is called, “Organizing For Action.” Calling it the “next phase of our movement for change,” the First Lady says that it will aim to train the next generation of grassroots organizers and […]

Planning the 57th quadrennial presidentialinauguration has been under way for months now.  For those who plan on being in attendance to witness all of the festivities surrounding the inauguration, they can expect an adrenaline-filled series of events.  President Barack Obama will take the oath of office for his second term at 11:55 a.m. on Sunday in the Blue Room of the […]

President Barack Obama on Wednesday proposed background checks on all gun sales and bans on military style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines as part of a package of steps to reduce gun violence in the wake of the Newtown school massacre last month. With relatives of some of the 20 children killed in the Connecticut rampage looking on, Obama […]

  The leaders of African American churches will once again convene in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Weekend to commemorate one of the most extraordinary events in American history – the second term and inauguration of President Obama, America’s first president of African descent. In an inaugural ball to be held Jan. 20, the gala celebration will […]

  President Barack Obama issued a strong warning to Republicans on Monday that he will not negotiate over the debt ceiling or allow Republicans to use it as a bargaining chip. “To even entertain the idea of the United States of America not paying our bills is irresponsible. It’s absurd,” Obama said in a press […]

A weary Congress sent President Barack Obama legislation to avoid the economy-threatening “fiscal cliff” of middle-class tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts hours before financial markets reopen after the New Year’s holiday. The bill’s passage on a 257-167 vote late Tuesday night in the House of Representatives sealed a hard-won political triumph for the president […]

Past its own New Year’s deadline, a weary Congress sent President Barack Obama legislation to avoid a national “fiscal cliff” of middle class tax increases and spending cuts late Tuesday night in the culmination of a struggle that strained America’s divided government to the limit. The bill’s passage on a bipartisan 257-167 vote in the […]

Rev. Al Sharpton, known for staying on the front lines and helping America confront its issues concerning race, recently was thanked by the Commander In…

Smokey D. Fontaine is the Chief Content Officer of Interactive One. Follow him on Twitter @Smokey This felt like a racial moment, but, then again,…