via getupmornings: There is no guideline to parenting and callers spoke about if they parent like their mom and dad. One mom mentioned that she has similar parenting skills and has passed it down to her kids. When she watches her grandkids she realizes that her kids do things just like her. She tells her […]

  via YouTube: Tina Campbell has released a new video today for the song “We Livin!” This song is departure from Campbell’s ballads and will actually remind her fans of her days as part of Mary Mary.

Days before the Super Bowl, a new Faith Equality Index score of the National Football League reveals the league has work to do in welcoming, embracing, and celebrating Faith Driven Consumers: Though Russell Wilson, Tim Tebow and many other NFL stars honor God on and off the field, the league they play for is failing […]

  In an average week, one-in-five Americans share their religious faith online, about the same percentage that tune in to religious talk radio, watch religious TV programs or listen to Christian rock music. And nearly half of U.S. adults see someone else share their religious faith online in a typical week. These are among the […]

The majority of Black Americans sympathize more with Israel in the ongoing conflict in the Middle East than with Palestine. That’s according to a recent…

America could be experiencing a decline of literalism and the rise of secularism, according to one interpretation of a recent Gallup Poll. The poll, which measured Americans’ beliefs about the Bible, found that 28 percent of Americans believe the Bible is the literal word of God — close to the lowest point ever found in the survey. […]

Thank you so much for helping Wess Morgan pick his new radio single from his new album “Livin“, available in stores and online now! We have picked four songs for you to choose from and the song that gets the most votes in two weeks will be the next single! Just listen and vote!  Wess Morgan wants […]

  President Obama’s approval ratings may be less than stellar at the moment. But that doesn’t seem to be affecting Michelle Obama’s popularity. A Siena College survey released Monday questioned historians and scholars about who they believed was the best first lady. Michelle Obama earned fifth place on the list, ahead of Hillary Clinton, who […]

ERICA CAMPBELL DEBUTS “HELP” Erica Campbell, one-half of the dynamic duo Mary Mary, is gearing up to release her new gospel album, “Help,” in March! Be one of the first to hear the album’s title track featuring Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae right now and tell us what you think about it!

Let’s face it: four years after watching the first Black man sworn in as President, many Americans are not quite as enthused about bracing the cold on the National Mall to see him take oath again. Even President Obama is aware that the thrill is kinda gone.  “I think that a lot of folks feel that, `Well, […]

    Could right to work laws be coming to Ohio?  According to a Qunnicpaic University poll, it’s more possible than not. In February, voters surveyed in February said 54% of Ohioans surveyed in support, in comparison to 40% against.  In Michigan the Right to Work law came and were enacted without any sort of […]

  When Judy Mays needs to replenish her strength, when she must find a way to cope with life’s challenges and rejoice in its blessings, when friends and family ask her for advice, support or help, she heads to one place. To the Lord. “My faith is the difference between living a God-destined life compared […]