The man who devised a scheme to trick more than 400 people out of $16 million was sentenced to 19 years, seven months in federal prison, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said Tuesday. Ephren Taylor II, while CEO of City Capital Corporation, directed a nationwide Ponzi scheme that targeted church-goers, Acting U.S. Attorney John Horn’s office […]

  He came into church with promises of riches for Bishop Eddie Long’s congregation. Ephren Taylor, a self-described financial guru, left with nearly a million dollars in investments. But, according to a lawsuit, it was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme and nearly all of it was lost. Now, 13 members of Bishop Long’s church […]

He used to hang out with big time celebrities, but soon Michael Winans, Junior will likely be hanging around with federal inmates.  This week, the pop and gospel singer will be sentenced for running a multimillion dollar Ponzi scheme. You would never fall for a Ponzi scheme.  People that do that are stupid and greedy.  […]

According to My Fox Detroit, Michael Winans Jrhas been charged with fraud in an 8 million dollar scam involving bogus bonds. Federal prosecutors in Detroit filed the charge this week against Michael Winans Jr. His attorney, William Hatchett, said Thursday that a guilty plea is expected at an undetermined date. The government says Winans knew […]