via FirstLadyB: Congrats to Pastor Jamal and Gizelle Bryant. The couple, who have been quietly dating again for about a year now made it Instagram official on Valentine’s Day, with dope T-shirts and a caption that deserves an Oscar. CLICK HERE to read full story  

via FirstLadyB: Fantasia recently talked about how her  relationship with God seems to be stronger than ever. Tasia, who is celebrating 4 years of marriage with Kendall Taylor, recently shared with Essence Yes Girl! Podcast how she’s doing just that. CLICK HERE to read full story

via FirstLadyB: CHRISTIAN SINGER MANDISA HUNDLEY IS PRAYING FOR HER HUSBAND EVEN THOUGH HE HASN’T FOUND HER YET. “It’s something I take very seriously, Mandisa shared with the Tampa Bay Times. I don’t choose to be single. I’d love to be married, but the right man hasn’t come along yet. I pray for my future husband all the time. I tell […]

via mypraiseatl: Willie Moore Jr. believes that there is “power in agreement.” So, Willie asks listeners to finish this sentence, “if me and my mate could get on one accord in this area, I think things could be a whole lot better.” One caller believes she and her husband need to become a united front […]

via BCNN1/Jeannie Law, Christian Post Reporter: Former “American Idol” contestant and Christian artist Mandisa has offered advice for other singles who, like her, are in their 40s and praying that God will bring the right person into their lives and get married. This weekend, the 42-year-old Grammy Award-winner will embark on the 2019 Winter Jam […]

via FirstLadyB: Tasha Page Lockhart has found love again! The Beautiful singer shared that she has found love again with Dr. Thomas Vernon House.  “I never knew what it felt like to be swept off my feet until now. I’ve shown you all of my flaws and you still want me. The man of my dreams […]

via FirstLadyB: Warryn and Erica Campbell share some gems on how to maintain your identity while in a relationship. “THE THINGS THAT WE DO ARE OUR ASSIGNMENTS.” During their “After The Show” segment on TV One, the couple who not only do music together, but also lead a church,  shared the following: “We don’t let the things that […]

via getupmornings: Erica Campbell and Warryn Campbell have been married since 2001. She reflected on a time in 2008 where they realized they were together, but not. Erica mentioned that the love and passion wasn’t there, but they would go to events together and just work. Warryn would do business deals and Erica the same, when they got […]

via BlackAmericaWeb: In a heart wrenching interview with TV One’s ‘Sister Circle,’ Andrea Kelly, singer R. Kelly’s ex-wife, reveals the moment she discovered she was a victim of domestic violence in her relationship. Kelly revealed her revelation came in a moment of deep pain, when God told her to type ‘domestic violence’ into her computer. “I’m […]

via praisebaltimore/NBC: Kathie Lee Gifford was raised a Christian and her family attended church often. While doing an interview with Megyn Kelly she spoke about the last time she saw Graham at his 95th birthday and how he told her he loved her. Gifford also spoke about her relationship with God and how she feels about death. She said, “What just happened […]

via FirstLadyB: Marvin Sapp is at a place in his life where he’s ready to find a Boo! In an interview with Rolling Out the Bishop shared that now that he’s raised his children and got them all off to college, he’s ready to move forward. “I’m at a place now where I’m ready to consider moving forward. […]

via getuperica: Tichina Arnold talks about playing “Cassie” on “Survivor’s Rumors,” and the spiritual journey she is going to go on this season. Tichina talks about the inventive way in which she auditioned for the part after realizing she wanted it so bad, and having to do a research about Catholicism because she knew nothing about […]