via BlackAmericaWeb: On September 25, 2018, the man once called “America’s dad,” Bill Cosby was sentenced to three to ten years in prison, and spent his first night in jail. Roland Martin talks to Andrew Wyatt and Ebonee Benson, spokespeople for Cosby, about the sentencing. It has been reported that Mr. Cosby was laughing and smiling in court yesterday and Benson said that’s true. […]

via BlackAmericaWeb/Eurweb: Donald Trump’s top spiritual adviser Paula White now regrets saying that God “lifted up” Trump in his 2016 election victory over Hillary Clinton. Somewhere journalist and TV One’s News One Now anchorman Roland Martin is gloating as he should be because he’s the one who called out White’s BS in a massive take-down video that went viral (scroll down to […]

via eurweb: Last night televangelist Paula White made some eyebrow raising remarks saying that Donald Trump was, “raised up by God” and comparing him to Queen Esther. Well, Roland Martin wasn’t having any of it as he was quick to call the pastor out! Roland gives a sermon like no other!  

getty image: The National Urban League Presents: State of Black America Town Hall on Wed. May 31 at 8 P.M. ET in an exclusive 2-hour special on TVOne. Roland Martin will host the groundbreaking event that will be taped before a live audience at the historic Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C., and will bring together some of the nation’s greatest […]

Roland Martin talks to Omarosa Manigault and Howard University’s Dr. Greg Carr about the HBCU executive order, Pell Grants and more. “It tells the agency what the President wants to get done. This President has done this within the first 40 days. We’ve moved the Executive Director from three tiers down, which is where President Obama […]

1/9/17- Roland Martin talks to the President of Talladega College, Dr. Billy Hawkins, about the Alabama HBCU that has decided to participate in Donald Trump’s Inauguration parade. “My band Director came to me…he applies for parades all over the country. The application was sent in prior to the election. I didn’t view this as a […]

Watch highlights from Roland Martin and NewsOne Now's unprecedented six hours of election night coverage on TV One.

What is the path going forward in an America led by one of the most polarizing President-elects in modern-day history?

President-elect Donald Trump seems to have already reversed course on a number of the promises he made on the campaign trail.

In the wake of Trump's election, we can't ignore the impact of voter suppression and the number of White women voters who supported Trump.

How will the balance of power be affected after Donald Trump's election?