via Hallels/ This group of young men are on fire!! This is a new single and new video from Miami based group Sensere!! As the start of a new decade is in full swing, SENSERE is setting it off with the release of the official visual for their newest single “Dance.”  CLICK HERE to read story

via Hallels: Billed as “one of music’s only authentic, premiere Soul groups,” Miami-based 10-member Urban Inspirational Band better known as SENSERE is back with new music with the release of their third independent full-length project God, Family, The Band (WrightSound Records/IndieBlu). Arriving on January 18, 2019, the LP’s official album cover and track-listing has been unwrapped. Combining elements of Funk […]

Brian Williams and James Wright of gospel soul band Sensere chatted with Erica Campbell & GRIFF about their new song “Tis So Sweet.” The song is a Commissioned cover and tribute to the legendary gospel band that they love and look up to. Brian & James explain that Sensere has the look and sound reminiscent […]

One of South Florida’s best kept secrets is indisputably the Gospel soul band, Sensere. With 2 critically acclaimed albums under their belt, Sensere possesses a powerful presence that is undeniable the minute you hear their unique, yet dominating sound. If there was any question before as to why you should give them your undivided attention, […]

On the verge of becoming one of Gospel’s newest breakout acts, Gospel soul band Sensere, is quickly becoming one of the industries best kept secrets as word continues to spread about this band’s polished, innovative sound and their clear message of winning souls for Christ. Most recently, Sensere announced the release of their second single […]