Sho Baraka

Popular hip-hop artist Sho Baraka has taken aim at Southern Baptist retailer LifeWay Christian Stores for dropping his album for including the word “penis,” a move that shows a growing tension between the black artist and his white evangelical fans. A spokesman for LifeWay confirmed the retailer’s decision, saying in an email that customers complained […]

Gallup recently released some statistics showing that married people have a higher well-being index than people of other relationship statuses.   What does that mean in laymen’s terms? The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index includes emotional health, physical health, mental health, as well as workplace performance. When I stumbled upon this information I was quite bewildered because […]

  Christian rapper Amisho “Sho” Baraka Lewis recently led a discussion with fellow recording artist Kareem Manuel and minister D.A. Horton in which they offered Biblical responses to racial and social injustices for an online panel organized by the Urban Youth Works Institute. Baraka, covered by The Christian Post earlier this year for controversial tracks on his new album Talented […]

In his unvarnished portrayal of life and faith and their accompanying tensions, a Christian rapper has stirred debate over whether he crossed the line by using the taboo n-word and b-word. In his latest album, Talented Xth, Amisho “Sho Baraka” Lewis, 33, comments on social issues like racism, abortion and commercialism with a Christian worldview and […]