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For many in the African-American community, the Black church has historically been a place where tough community issues are addressed, and that is why The National Campaign to Prevent Teen pregnancy and Unplanned Pregnancy (The National Campaign), Values Partnerships (VPI), and prominent faith leaders nationwide have teamed up to provide important resources to Black clergy […]


  A school-based sex education program is showing promise. Seven inner ring school districts in Cuyahoga County were targeted because of their teen birth rates and, since the program started, there has been a drop in birth rates for teens. “We hope that the information we have given teens is making a difference. We know […]

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  With her hair in a ponytail and her smile quick and wide, it’s hard to tell that high school junior Donyell Hollins has been pulling all-nighters for most of the semester to take care of her infant daughter. Her situation isn’t unusual in the small Delta town of Marks, home to one of the […]