A Texas man is demanding a refund from his date after she texted while they were at the movies in Austin. Brandon Vezmar filed a petition at a small claims court seeking $17.31 in damages. He claims he spent that much money to take his unidentified date to a 3-D showing of “Guardians of the […]

  Brock Dietrich thinks about what his daughter should be doing all the time. She should be getting ready to graduate from high school this spring. She should be preparing for business school and looking forward to owning a hair salon someday. However his daughter, Sydnee Williams, won’t go on to accomplish these things since […]

  Browns General Manager Ray Farmer could get suspended, and the team could lose a draft pick, over the investigation that is becoming known as Textgate. Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com reports that multiple league sources say a suspension, a draft pick forfeiture and a fine are all on the table as the NFL investigates […]

Nationwide — If you are the parent of a teenager, there’s a good chance that he or she has a cellphone and is regularly texting fellow teens of the opposite sex. Most parents consent to this as long as they can supervise the messages being sent back and forth, but the problem is that teens […]

  Back in the day, you probably stayed up all night talking on the phone to your best friend. These days, kids let their fingers do the talking, instant messaging or texting their “BFF’s” at any time of the day or night. BFF is “best friend forever” in Internet shorthand. NewsChannel5 affiliate 7NEWS tested several parents […]

  Millions of dollars are spent on campaigns to warn people of the dangers of texting and driving. But not everyone who needs to hear the message is listening. Danita Harris spent a day with the Ohio State Highway Patrol to see who is the worst offender of texting and driving. There are  thousands of […]

  We all love our moms, but when it comes to texting, your love is definitely put to the test. A few of us were discussing the texting styles of our moms and realized we may all have the same mother. Here’s a recreation of every type of mom text we’ve received. I have a […]

    If your not social media savvy then this might me a challenge for you…We’re talking the language used by people who text…Yup!! they have their own language (just ask your son or daughter) Check out some of the popular text terms its a whole new language… These 92 terms are among the most […]

Austria’s Roman Catholic church has learned its lesson. Mass is OK. Mass texting is not. A diocese in the southern city of Graz says it has been found guilty of contravening Austria’s telecommunications law by sending mass texts to the cellphones of followers asking them to pay overdue membership fees. Members of recognized religions in Austria must […]

This will make you feel a bit old. Monday marks a special anniversary in the communications industry. It was 20 years ago that the first-ever text message was sent. A man named Neil Papworth sent that first message. He used a computer terminal to send the message to a colleague’s cell phone. It read “Merry […]

We’ve seen the funny YouTube videos. There was the woman who was distracted by her phone and fell into a fountain . There was also the guy in California whose face was in his phone as he walked into a bear. But distracted pedestrians is a legitimate issue and a legitimate danger. iPhones, iPads and […]

Ohio is poised to become the 39th state to prohibit texting while driving. Gov. John Kasich is scheduled to sign a ban Friday on writing, reading and sending texts from behind the wheel. The measure includes a stricter crackdown on teen drivers’ use of electronic devices. Minors would be banned from using cellphones, iPads or […]