via Hallels: Passion 2020 was a gathering of young people  18- to 25-year-olds and their church and campus leaders-is was the  largest gathering of its kind for the age group in the United States, showing that the church is alive and well, and that Jesus is still important to millennials and Gen Z CLICK HERE […]

via BCNN1: Why Go to Church When You Can Stay Home and Watch Online? Go to church because your church needs you. I’m not talking about the building or the organization. Rather, the people of God need what you can offer. Your physical presence, words of encouragement, and acts of service—combined with what others bring, is […]

via elev8/mypraiseatl: Jonathan McReynolds breaks down gospel artists working with secular artists and also how the church can better reach Millennials. Check out the interview below  

via TheChristianPost: Pastor Donnie McClurkin says the job of the church is not to condemn but to pray for perpetrators of sexual harassment and assault. McClurkin, the Grammy Award-winning gospel singer who leads Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, New York, spoke about the matter at the gospel music event called The Experience in Lagos, Nigeria, […]

It was just 5 years ago when the Chief Executive Officer of an International Discipleship Ministry Agency found himself gripped with despair and hopelessness – not knowing how to define what was happening, but knowing something was terribly wrong. The year was 2012 and Rev. Junius Dotson found himself dealing with great losses that ultimately […]

In a day and age where it seems like anything goes, Pastor Donnie McClurkin is admonishing the Church to call out sin and distinguish right from wrong, despite the mainstream opinion. In a sermon delivered from Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, NY, the Pentecostal preacher said to his home congregation, “We’ve got to be judges […]

Since the shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown—and lack of indictment of the officer, who is white—sparked massive protests in Ferguson, the news has featured a seemingly constant stream of headlines about black men and women who have been killed by police or died while in custody: Walter Scott, Akai Gurley, Eric Garner, Freddie […]

Many of you who live or grew up in Black communities in the United States have probably heard of “Watch Night Services,” the gathering of the faithful in church on New Year’s Eve. The service usually begins anywhere from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and ends at midnight with the entrance of the New Year. […]

On January 1, 2004, God sent me on a new assignment. This mission was for me to lead an ultra traditional main-line denominational church in Metro Atlanta. When my pastorate commenced, the church was 128 years old and the average age of the congregation was 63.6. After getting the demographics of this church, it became […]

If you hadn’t already heard, millennials are leaving the church in droves, leaving many church leaders scratching their heads as to what to do about it. Rachel Held Evans came out with a piece on, stepping into the gap to explain why they are leaving. Apparently it struck a nerve; it was shared over […]

  We church leaders repeat often that we desire to know and reach our mission field. And we also know that our mission field demographics are shifting dramatically in the United States. Today, I want to focus on one large slice of the demographic pie in America-households headed by a single parent. That world is […]

Dropout is a key word in today’s evangelical churches concerning teenagers and young adults. The quote often sounds like this: “86% of evangelical youth drop out of church after graduation, never to return.” The problem with that statement (and others around that number) is that it’s not true. But that doesn’t mean there is no […]