via Wkyc: A group of ministers held a community conversation with residents of Cleveland’s southeast side on Monday night. That’s the neighborhood where 9-year old Saniyah Nicholson was killed during a gun battle between two groups of teenagers last week. Members of the neighborhood were asked to share their stories of where they were and […]

via News5: Music can be a powerful force, and one band is trying to prove it can even be used to end violence. “Truly, I don’t want another parent to feel like how I felt, that’s the key. I don’t want no one ever to feel like how I felt,” said Todd Burton, Founder of the […]

via News5: A community in crisis – it’s the Cleveland street revealing what some say is an unacceptable police response to growing violence. Pawnee Avenue on the city’s east side was the scene of three shootings in as many days. One of them left a man fighting for his life after being shot 16 times. Neighbors are unable […]

Cleveland’s 2016 homicide body count is already at 125, 5 more than last year. Many of those victims are Cleveland youth. Many are retaliatory killings. Tuesday, Mayor Frank Jackson rolled out specifics of his ambitious new youth violence prevention program . The program attacks the problem on many different fronts, aiming to prevent or at […]

Local activist Basheer Jones is camping out on the east side of Cleveland to make a statement about violence in communities like this across America. Jones chose the intersection of East 79th and Superior, not only because many of Cleveland’s violent homicides happen on the east-side, but also because it’s a community he grew up […]

getty images: Dwyane Wade has lashed out against Chicago’s gun laws, calling them weak and saying he’s urged officials in his hometown to enact changes to make the city safer. The Chicago Bulls star, whose cousin was shot dead last week, also said his children are afraid of police officers in the same way he […]

Sunday services have resumed at a church in southwest Ohio one week after its pastor was shot and killed in his church office. The Dayton Daily News reports that congregants gathered Sunday for the 11 a.m. worship service at St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church in Dayton. The 70-year-old Rev. William B. Schooler was fatally shot and […]

Knocking on doors, walking the city’s streets, the daily routine for members of the society for nonviolent change. “We put our boots to the pavement,” said Gregory Terrell, the founder and leader of the group. “Wherever we know youth are going to be there and it’s going to be an abundance of them, then we […]

Two female suicide bombers between the ages of 17 and 20 reportedly blew themselves up this week in a camp in northeastern Nigeria designed to protect people trying to escape Boko Haram terrorists, killing at least 58 people.

Houses were torched, suicide bombers detonated devices, and militants opened fire near Nigeria's largest northeastern city.

Claiming they were targeting a military convoy of the U.S.-led coalition, the Taliban on Monday took credit for a car bombing near Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan that killed at least one person and injured four others, reports CNN.