Our future is a reflection of the seeds we sow today, let’s make Black History. Radio One Cleveland Future History Makers 2022, recognizing those who are making history in the Cleveland community.

via Praise 106.1 ‘Mary, Mary’ singer Tina Campbell caught a wave of backlash after she revealed she voted for Donald Trump because of her ‘Christian values.’ After fierce internet reads blew up her mentions, the gospel artist defended her decision while she sat with the hosts of ‘The Real.’ “What I said is, if during your campaign, if what you […]

IF YOU HAVENT SEEN  THERE IS A NEW TREND IN CLOTHING WITH BLACK SLANG ON IT.. In case you haven’t perused what’s going on in trendy fast fashion lately, here’s a glimpse: Taking internet slang—often the sort popularized by AFRICIAN AMERICANS—and turning it into sellable goods is so hot right now. SOME EXAMPLES ARE LIKE    […]

Denzel Washington attended the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards last night, where he promoted his new film “Fences,” which is already receiving Oscar buzz. There was another buzz Denzel was chatting about backstage. He spoke with “Extra’s” Terri Seymour about the importance of voting tomorrow, November 8. “I hope people go and vote,” he said. […]

source: NAACP Hundreds of students from historically black colleges and universities in Florida and North Carolina are stressing the importance of voting. On Tuesday, civil rights leader and Congressman John Lewis walked with about 500 students from Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach across City Island Bridge to an early polling location. Students from North Carolina […]

Cleveland City Council voted down a plan to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour in Cleveland. The 16-1 vote only saw Councilman Jeff Johnson vote in the affirmative to approve a minimum wage hike in the city. This was the third reading of the ordinance. Councilman Jeff Johnson attempted to revert back to […]

1. It is not just the president on the ballot Control of the White House may indeed hinge on just a handful of swing states. FiveThirtyEight estimates that the Republican presidential nominee could lock in a big victory by winning eight states Democrats won in 2012 — Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Iowa, Pennsylvania […]

  Hillary Clinton just received a glowing endorsement from the mother of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin. In an op-ed for CNN, Sybrina Fulton pledged her allegiance to the democratic frontrunner and praised Clinton’s gun control policies. “With so many of our children’s lives on the line or taken, we simply can’t afford to elect […]

  The Cleveland firefighters’ union voted down the city’s proposal Thursday night to integrate the city’s Division of Fire and EMS departments. “The outcome of the vote is a major disappointment and impedes our ability to deliver better, faster medical service and fire suppression in Cleveland,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “Improving service, particularly to people […]

Michelle Obama checked in to “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show” for an interview, and expressed the urgency of voting in the 2012 Presidential election. In…

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama’s sweeping health care legislation Thursday in a narrow 5-4 ruling. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion, which said that the Commerce Clause of the Constitution does not give Congress the authority to require people to have health care, but that other parts of the Constitution […]