Young People

via There is a new study out on our young people that says lots of social media use and screen time can lead to an increase in depression and anxiety. This study is from Canadian Journal of Psychiatry which looked at 3,000 seventh to 10th graders in the greater Montreal area over a period […]

via Hallels: The Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be ringing in the new year with Praise & Worship Passion 2020 — a gathering of 18- to 25-year-olds and their church and campus leaders — is the largest gathering of its kind for the age group in the United States, showing that the church is alive and well, and […]

via CNN: 5 years as passed since Tamir Rice was shot and killed by a Cleveland Police Officer, and now his mother Samaria Rice approached the American Civil Liberties Union in Ohio with an idea To create a safety handbook for young people to help them when confronted by the police and how to act. […]

via Wkyc: As health officials, lawmakers and parents sound the alarm about vaping dangers, the warnings have taken on new urgency in recent weeks. Nationally, the CDC has reported 1,800 lung injury cases and 37 deaths linked to vaping. Here in Ohio, 49 lung injuries have been reported and 44 of those people have been […]

via BCNN1: This weekend Rapper took to social media to encourage those young people that are falling away from following Christ The Reach Records founder posted of photo of himself and mainstream artist, Chance the Rapper on Saturday to grab people’s attention. CLICK HERE to read story

via Joy105: The rise of Pentecostal Christianity has become very popular in Hollywood singers like Selena Gomez, Chris Pratt, the Kardashians, and most notably, Justin Bieber have been attending mega churches like Hillsong in New York, and Zoe Church in Los Angeles. These churches are drawing in young people by the thousands. CLICK HERE to […]

  viaCNN: Suicide rates among young people have continued to soar in recent years — so much so that the rate among 15- to 24-year-olds climbed in 2017 to its highest point since 2000, new research has found. An increase was especially seen among 15- to 19-year-olds and young men, according to a research paper […]

  via popsugar: Try as we might to shield our children from harm and the horrors of the world, sometimes it is best to face it head-on. As we remember the events of 9/11, we will be inundated with images of the burning twin towers, the Pentagon in smoke, and a plane in a field. […]

via BlackDoctor: When it comes to your health, bigger isn’t always better. In the Black community, we love our hips, curves and extra junk in the trunk. It’s naturally on us and beautifully a part of our genetic make-up. However, when is it too much? What is the cut-off point of excess weight? In the […]

via News5: Sexting among teens and younger children has increased over the past decade and poses a growing challenge for educators and parents, according to a new study. One in four young people said they’d received sexts, and one in seven reported sending them, according to the study, which was published Monday in the journal JAMA […]

via BCNN1: Here are seven ways to get young people to serve: Don’t just talk about it…do it. They truly want to be active. They want to be doers of the word…not just hearers. Reward progress…not people. Humble service is a valued character trait to the current younger generation. That’s why they love teams so […]

via TheChristianPost: Denzel Washington is sharing his prayer for young people not to give up during difficult times. “I pray that young people never lose that fire, I don’t think they will,” Washington told The Grio when doing his press rounds for his latest film, “Roman J. Israel, Esq.” “And needless to say there’s a lot for […]