Modern society frequently challenges the Bible as the actual word of God. However, a recent Gallup poll reveals that three in 10 Americans interpret the Bible literally, saying it is the actual word of God to be interpreted literally, word for word.

breakdown of the Gallup poll reveals that the majority of Americans believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, rather than the actual word of God or a book of fables, legends, history, and moral precepts.

Gallup polls have tracked whether Americans take the Bible literally for the past 40 years.

The overall findings from Gallup show that the percentage of Americans taking a literal view of the Bible has declined over time, from an average of 38 percent from 1976-1984 to an average of 31 percent.

However, highly religious Americans, particularly those of Protestant faiths, still commonly believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible.

Fifty-four percent of those who attend religious services on a weekly basis believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, which is more than twice the percentage of those who attend church less often, according to Gallup.

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3 thoughts on “Poll: 3 In 10 Americans Say They Believe The Bible Word For Word

  1. If you read and not try to translate into your own life, It is a cruel book. Lot sleeping with his daughters and another man (I forgot the name) has sex with his mother, etc. and what Jesus did to the pigs in the New Testament. Get real, GOD is a GOD of love.

  2. You are not versed in the word. Lot’s daughters got him drunk and then slept with him. Not the other way around. You have to figure they were probably influenced by all the things going on in Sodom & Gomorah and were just acting out from what they had seen. And in no place in the Genesis account did Lot sleep with another man. And Jesus did nothing to those pigs. The demons were possesing a man and Jesus wanted them to come out of the man. And the demons that possesed the man ASKED if they could be permitted to enter a herd of swine (or pigs) and Jesus allowed it. But from what you’re saying, it would have been better for the demons to stay inside the man instead of some pigs which if you knew anything about the Mosaic Law, were considered unclean! Dude, you should stick to things you know! 4REAL!

  3. Lot’s daughters got him drunk and slept with his daughters, That is wrong. Also I said that a man (I forgot the name) slept with his mother. You made excuses for them and putting the demons in pigs, they are gods children also. You obviously understood what I was talking about, and I am not a dude/sister, I am a woman. You and I will never know the bible because there are too many translations, So please don’t tell me that I am not versed in the word. You are wrong for that, I did not insult you. You were not versed in my words. Let me ask you a question why would be apart of a religion that has a history of cruelty? Believe me it is not just Christianty, I am not part of any religion, I believe that they seperate man. We are all GODS children!

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