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When thinking of worship music, the first thought that comes to mind usually isn’t rap. New Jersey born rapper E. Daniel is innovating the sound and perception of hip hop with his upcoming debut album, The Breaking Point, that combines these seemingly distant genres.

E. Daniel spent much of his childhood in Florida, consumed with the desire to make money. Upon moving to Dallas to resettle, he converted to Christianity. While in Dallas, he began to wonder what his role was in Christianity.

“I was at church one night and I [saw] the pastor preaching and I [saw] the worship leaders singing and I [saw] everybody just playing their role. And I just knew that there was something that God wanted for me. I just didn’t know what it was,” he said.

That night, he went home and prayed on his knees, crying out to God.

“I was like, ‘God … I know you created me for more than just this life and sitting in church. I know you want something more from me and I want to know what.’ So I was just telling God I wasn’t going to leave Him alone until I heard from Him, until I knew exactly what He wanted from me.”

He suddenly felt a need to reach out for his Bible. After opening it, the first passage he came upon was 1 Chronicles 16:23, which says “Sing to the Lord all the Earth. Proclaim His salvation day after day.”

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