Picture actor Kirk Cameron in the passenger seat of his manager’s black BMW 530i as it cuts its way through the streets of Hollywood.

It’s Tuesday morning there but already afternoon in Jacksonville, where a Times-Union reporter is quizzing Cameron, whom millions remember as the adorable and witty Mike Seaver on “Growing Pains,” about a marriage seminar he will be leading on Sunday at First Baptist Church in Orange Park.

The conversation changes to that project, then to Cameron, who’s become known as much for his evangelization efforts as his acting in the past 20 years. Since the show “Growing Pains” ended in 1992, he has become one of the leading male actors in Christian films, starring in movies like the “Left Behind” series and 2008’s “Fireproof.”

Here’s some of what Cameron had to say about acting, marriage, ministry and film.

Christian entertainment, especially Christian film, has been rapped for low budget and low quality. Do you feel that’s improving?

There’s been a lot of cheesy stuff that’s comes out that focuses on Christianity and the gospel. I think that has been improving as technology has become more affordable for people. … There’s been a real market for really quality movies that focus on Christianity and the gospel.

With faith-based films, is it better to go with a direct message and maybe reach a smaller audience, or with a softer sell that possibly reaches more people?

This is a great question and I’d love to sit down with you for an hour over coffee and talk about it. But it’s about how you view the gospel. … I think you need to be full throttle with the gospel all the time. … But God never puts a cross in the sky; he puts a rainbow or a sunset. All those things point to the gospel and can be starting points for a conversation about the cross. So I’m saying both.

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