There are institutes of higher education popping up everywhere.  They promise they can get you into a career in just two years.  They tell you they will give you all the financial aid you need, help with job placement, on and on and on with the promises.  But when you start your program or even complete it, there are immediate discrepancies.

According to the Huffington Post, the Kentucky Attorney General, Jack Conway, is suing Daymar Colleges in Kentucky because of the findings in his investigation into the fraudulent activities at the school.  Their deceiving tactics include recruiting students with the belief that their credits will easily transfer to traditional institutions, bilking them out of financial aid dollars by telling them they have to buy their books from their bookstore in order to use the financial aid dollars, then jacking up the prices.

The lawsuit includes some 5,000 students who have experienced one or all of the aforementioned inconsistencies in the school’s practices.  Daymar has 16 campuses in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, along with an online program.  But Conway is going after other so-called colleges in another multi-state investigation.

Is this happening at your school?  Get in touch with your eyewitness news team and alert them and get Conway on the phone.  Check out the report.


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