Rapper Lecrae has announce that he has a role in a new film! There aren’t many details of what is going down from what Lecrae leaks to his fans about this new project, but Lecrae states that he will reveal when he is allowed! Meanwhile, Lecrae talks PRo’s new album Dying To Live!

This is what Lecrae has to say about the small role in this secret new film:

Excited about a small role in a film. Even if it means I wasn’t allowed to get a haircut for a few weeks. Lookin grimy son!

I’ll give more details about the film as soon as I’m allowed. In the meantime I’m bout to drink these cucumbers. #stilljuicing

Lecrae talks PRo putting the finishing touches on the album and how Dying To Live means killing yourself everyday. Also Lecrae talks about how since meeting PRo, he has grown musically and personally.

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